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Conservative values with a mission for getting government working the way it should.

My name is Jay Taylor, and I am officially running for State Senate for the 14th district of West Virginia. The Mountain State has blessed me in so many ways, and I feel that it is my civic duty to return the favor. My obligations to the great state of West Virginia run deep and I will be proud to champion the conservative values that truly make this state “Almost Heaven.” I pledge to make conservative Christian values front and center, along with 2nd amendment rights, smaller government, and a reduction of bureaucratic red tape. Together, with your support, we will help to build on the progress that is already being made and help West Virginia secure its spot as an emergent leader among the greater United States. God Bless you all and God bless the great state of West Virginia! 

• Conservative

• ProLife

• Pro 2nd Amendment

• Maintaining Freedom

• Lowering Taxes

• Right-Size Government

• Cutting Bureaucratic Red Tape

• Getting Government Working

   as Intended and Working Efficiently




WV State Senate 14th District



Conservative Values

This is my core beliefs that will direct my votes. ProLife, Pro 2nd Amendment, freedom, lowering taxes, right size government and cutting red tape are just some of what being conservative means to me. We need to get government doing what it is supposed to be doing, and doing it well.


One of the most important things government is required to do, yet do not seem to do it well. Have we gone for quantity over quality with cheap contracts that constantly have to be redone? Our roads need better maintenance. Broadband fits in here and we need to make sure we’re still on top of ever changing technologies by removing red tape for development. Holding companies accountable for past broken promises is a must. 


Overtime pay for teachers will fix so many issues. It is time to get this done. Allowing parents choice will always be my vote and helping homeschoolers instead of hindering them should be our goal. Our bloated top heavy state Department of Education needs cut, and money spent locally.  


There are no simple answers here and we need an all around response since everyone is different. Educating our children early on about the dangers, helping the victims with rehab, allowing the faith community to be part of the solution, cracking down hard on dealers especially those that go after minors. This is an epidemic in our state and we must be proactive. 

The Challenges We Face Together

District 14 is located at the base of the state's Eastern Panhandle, covering all of Grant, Mineral, Hardy, Preston, and Tucker Counties, as well as part of  Taylor County. Communities within the district include Grafton, Kingwood, Terra Alta, Parsons, Keyser, and Moorefield.


The district is within West Virginia's 2nd congressional district.

The 14th Senatorial District

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Challenges We Face
14th District
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